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TrixMall After-sales Service

Ⅰ. Return & Exchange

1. Return & Exchange Policy

TrixMall undertakes that you can apply for Return & Exchange if any of the following happens within 5 days (inclusive) after you order successfully. The specific conditions are as follows:




5-Day (inclusive) Return


 5-Day (inclusive) Exchange

 Return Freight


 Product cannot function properly or has quality problems

 Function failure or quality problems verified by our customer service staff




 1. Product Return:

You need to upload photos of the parcel after it is signed (including pics of the outer packing box and the waybill on the parcel, as well as pics taken  from all angles of the product). We will contact you to proceed with return and refund after verification. The freight for the returned product will be borne by us or you can destroy the product yourself (photos need to be provided)



2. Product Exchange:

You need to upload photos of the parcel after it is signed (including pics of the outer packing box and the waybill on the parcel, as well as pics taken  from all angles of the product). We will contact you to proceed with product exchange after verification. In this case, you need to return the product first, and we will send you the replaced one after receiving the returned one. The return freight will be paid by us.


 Shipping damage, missing parts and description discrepancy

 Shipping Damage refers to the damage, leakage, breakage and function failure caused during transportation, which should  be verified by customer service staff. Missing Parts refers to the lack of original accessories.




 You need to provide photos of the parcel after it is signed (including pics of outer packing box, waybill on the parcel, the respective weight of the product and parcel), so that our customer service staff can take care of it in time


Unconditional Return & Exchange

Application for Return & Exchange due to personal reasons (other than the reasons above) is submitted under the condition that the product is intact





You need to pay the return freight, and the returned product shall be in a condition that it can be sold again.


1.1 Process Time of Application

1.1.1 Unconditional Return & Exchange

  1.  You can apply for Return & Exchange within 5 days (inclusive) after ordering successfully while the purchased product has not been shipped (order is under “Paid”status);
  2.  Return & Exchange application will not be accepted if you submit it later than 5 days after you ordered successfully or your order is under“Shipped”status;

1.1.2 In case of quality problems, shipping damage, missing parts and description discrepancy

Please contact our customer service within 48 hours after your parcel is signed. Any application submitted after 48 hours will not be accepted.


2. Return Freight

2.1 You shall pay the return freight in case of Unconditional Return & Exchange:

  1. For product return: We will deduct the freight first and refund the remaining amount to you

  2. For product exchange: You need to deposit the freight to designated account;

2.2 In case of quality problems, shipping damage, missing parts and description discrepancy: You don’t need to pay the freight.

2.3 Freight for Repairs

As for product repairs, you need to pay the return freight in case of man-made damages; in case of function failure, we will pay the freight if the product is still covered by warranty, otherwise the freight should be paid by you.

2.4 For freight occurred for Return & Exchange and repairs, if it should be paid by us, you need to pay it first when returning the product. After your after-sales request completes, we will refund the freight to your account through the payment method you used.


3. Scope of Application

Return & Exchange



Unconditional Return & Exchange is not supported

Customized products

Personalized customization, design, etc.

Fresh and perishable goods

Flowers, plants, aquatic produce, meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, etc

Audio and video products, computer software and other digital products that have been downloaded online or unpacked

Top-up cards, etc.

Newspapers and periodicals that have been delivered

Newspapers, periodicals, etc.

Products that are not suitable for return due to their characteristics and confirmed by you at the time of purchase


Products that will impact personal safety or health after unpacking, or that are prone to degeneration after unpacking

Electric toothbrush, food, drinks; personal products such as underpants, socks / pantyhose / leggings, body shaping pants, body shaping suit, breast paste and insert / breast pad; earphones, etc

Product whose value depreciates greatly after activation or trial;  non- daily necessities


Return & Exchange is not supported at all

Product not sold at TrixMall


Products that are replaced, altered, or with missing parts


Products that cannot be sold again after unpacking, such as software case, CD, DVD, cassette, etc


Products that are not covered by warranty (warranty expires)


Product quality problems are caused by unauthorized maintenance, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, liquid injection, accident, modification, incorrect installation; tearing and  altering of label, serial number and anti-counterfeiting mark


No proof of purchase can be provided such as invoice and warranty, or the information of the warranty is incorrect and altered


Product that cannot not be returned or exchanged according to law


In case of missing parts, damages, defects, etc., please contact our customer service within 48 hours after the parcel is signed. Any application submitted after 48 hours will not be accepted.



  1. The customer shall make sure that the returned product and the related accessories (e.g. tag, instruction manual, warranty, network card, etc.) are complete, and its quality and function shall be kept to the original state with no damage, contamination, scraping of anti-counterfeiting mark, activation (authorization), etc.;
  2. The outer packaging shall be intact with no severe damage and contamination;


2.Handling of discrepancy of product quantity

2.1 Insufficient quantity  

You need to provide the order number of the missing product and upload photos of the parcel after it is signed (including pics of outer packing box, the waybill on the parcel, the respective weight of the product and parcel). We will negotiate with you for re-sending or refund after verification.

2.2 Excessive quantity

You need to upload photos of the parcel after it is signed (including pics of outer packing box, the waybill on the parcel, the respective weight of product and parcel). We will negotiate with you for solutions after verification.


3. Delivery Exceptions

3.1 If your parcel has been sent abroad and is returned due to reasons such as "Failed to Pass International Security Inspection", "No One Signed For It", "Unknown Address" and "Not Properly Delivered", you need to pay the freight for re-delivery.

3.2 If your parcel is lost or damaged, we will assist you in claiming for compensation from the logistics providers. You need to provide the following:

  1. Evidence that the foreign logistics provider confirms that the parcel is lost/not delivered/cannot be found, and the parcel-related proof issued by the recipient and the local courier is equally effective.
  2. Evidence that the recipient confirms the parcel is not delivered, which shall include the parcel number, waybill number, name and address of the recipient, etc.
  3. Screenshots including these of order information, product name, quantity, amount etc., or proof of purchase of online transaction for the product.


If any of the following occurs, the customer shall bear any consequence of parcel loss or delay:

  1.  Parcel loss or delay due to Force Majeure;
  2. The product is confiscated by the competent authority or dealt with in accordance with the relevant regulations due to violations of provisions on prohibited or restricted articles ;
  3. The parcel has been signed;
  4. Parcel loss or delay due to reasons attributable to customer or the product itself;
  5. No query or compensation claim has been made within 48 hours after the parcel has been signed;
  6. The international parcel is seized, confiscated or destroyed by the customs of destination countries in accordance with their domestic laws and regulations.

3.3 Parcels sent abroad will be subject to customs inspection in the destination countries (generally random checks). If the parcel is deemed as special one (e.g. large size, too heavy, or containing sensitive products), the customs will ask the recipient for product list or customs clearance documents. If the parcel is returned or destroyed due to the failure to contact the recipient or the recipient does not cooperate in procedures of customs clearance, the expenses incurred will be borne by the recipient.


Ⅱ. Refund Policy


 1.  When you are eligible to apply for refund:

     1.1  If the product has not been shipped: We will process your refund application within 1-3 working days upon your submission and           refund you through the payment method you used;

     1.2  If the product has been signed: You need to return the parcel as agreed by both parties and provide us with the tracking number via email. Also, you can destroy the product as agreed by both parties and provide photos of such product. We will refund you through the payment method you used after your after-sales request completes.

2.  Freight Collect will not be accepted in case of product return or exchange. If the freight or other expenses incurred for Unconditional Return & Exchange cannot be deducted from your order amount, you need to refund the corresponding expenses to our designated account.

3. Refuse to sign parcel: In case of any damage, you can refuse to sign the parcel and contact the local courier to investigate and provide relevant Damage Report. We will claim compensations from the logistics providers based on the investigation result, and the final compensation will be subject to the logistics providers. The validity period of claims prescribed to logistics providers is generally 2 weeks to 2 months。


Ⅲ. Parcel Return


 1. Address for Returned Parcel

After both parties agree that the product can be returned or repaired, our customer service staff will send you the address via email.

 2. Packing List / Tracking Number of Returned Parcel

 After both parties agree that the parcel can be returned, you need to send it out within 72 hours, and send the packing list / tracking number to our customer service via email. For us to process your parcel faster, please include a note in it with the original order number; any application submitted after 72 hours will be automatically cancelled.

3. In case of Unconditional Return & Exchange, if the product cannot be sold again due to damage or defect arising from transportation, the customer should pay the relevant expenses;


Ⅳ. Other After-sales Considerations


1. Shipping Time

 We will ship the product within 2-5 days after receiving your order and upload the international tracking number in time.

2. Insufficient Stock

 If we cannot ship the product due to insufficient stock after receiving your order, we will contact you within 24 hours to proceed with refund or replacement.

3. Process Time of After-sales Services

3.1 Return & Exchange: It will be completed within 7 working days from the second day after we receive the returned product. Indicators of service completion include: shipping out of the replacement order, successful payment of compensation or submission of refund application (the refund time is subject to third-party platforms);

3.2 Repair: It will be completed within 30 days from the second day after we receive the returned product;

3.3 The above process time excludes the time required for product inspection. Due to service delays in after-sales service centers of some brand owners during national holidays, the repair time will be extended accordingly.